BLUE | BURNT SIENNA | GREEN OCEAN | OCHRE | Along side the Fine Art Ceramic Sculptural work, is the Home Range, which is different, beautiful and ready to use at home.

To bring artistic pieces of work into the home but which can be used on a daily basis. I've been working on simple bowls and platter designs, and keeping similar methods of glazing to that of sculptural pieces. Instead of the oxides, I'm using much more brighter and vibrant colours that you find in nature.
Prices range from small @ £12.00 to Large centre-pieces @ £80.00

They are all slip cast in white earthenware clay and glazed in mint green and cream, and all dish washer safe!        

Handbuilt ceramic sculpture for the home and garden. White or richly glazed ovum and naturalforms.Water features and garden sculpture available by commission. Full serving set on commission, in a range of natural colours.

design for .....Indoors and Outdoors

All work is hand painted and finished by the artist. For commissions and special products please get in touch.

The colours are also encouraged to mix together to result in interesting and beautiful patterns..
To Order all you have to do is call 07986 695 248, make your purchase, send off your cheque, after we have arrange pick up, or delivery details, and the bowl is yours.